The State of the Disunited States of America

por | 4 Jul 2022

America still appears to have some very good reasons to celebrate on Independence Day, 2022.

The Supreme Court has finally overturned Roe, permitting at least some states to protect the unborn. SCOTUS also recently revindicated the right to keep and bear arms. SCOTUS also handed down an important decision that reins in the unaccountable federal bureaucracy, correctly ruling that Congress, not the EPA, has the sole authority to set climate standards and that the EPA cannot invent its own standards without specific congressional authority.

SCOTUS also agreed to take up in its next term the matter of election integrity. At issue is the theory of the independent state legislature, which holds that state legislators have the sole authority to set rules for federal elections, without any interference by the governor or state judges. After the violations of election laws that occurred in key states in 2020, this holds out hope that SCOTUS may decide in favor of the rule of law, which is essential for restoring trust in our elections.

Despite the good news, Americans should be worried about the direction of our country. SCOTUS should not be the arbiter of every political issue in the country. As per the New York Times, “the dysfunction of the rest of the U.S. government, especially Congress, has created a vacuum that the Supreme Court fills.” Furious with their lack of control over SCOTUS, Democrats again move the narrative that SCOTUS lacks legitimacy. They want to pack the court and impeach GOP-nominated Justices. As reported in The Daily Signal, “any institution the left doesn´t control, they seek to destroy.” Congresswoman AOC, a member of Democratic Socialists of America who want to abolish the Senate, has echoed progressives´ criticisms of it as a “failed institution”. Democrats also want to abolish the electoral college.

Although these are the more radical voices of the Democratic party, modern history has shown us how quickly radical leftwing ideas have taken hold among the Democrats. Extremists have succeeded in mainstreaming extreme progressive ideas in the media and the American political system. The radicals have won.

July 4th

Commonsense Americans justifiably feel attacked by the ruling elites. Thanks to the Democrats´ unconstitutional restrictions imposed on schoolchildren during the pandemic, and the imposition of radical pedagogy such as Critical Race Theory and drag queen story hours, parents began taking more interest in their children´s education and showing up to make their worries known at local school boards. In retaliation, the Biden administration targeted parents as dangerous extremists.

Through their dominance of national institutions in government, the media, large corporations, the national culture, progressives foment literal hate of flyover America, that great expanse of the country between the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. They have succeeded in making that hate mutual.  As a consequence of America´s social and political polarization, pride in America is evaporating. With social trust at an all-time low, the Biden administration attempted to create a Disinformation Governance Board, initially naming an infamous propagandist to lead this sovietesque agency within, wait for it, the Department of Homeland Security.

The evidence of the radical progressive takeover of American institutions is everywhere. In the midst of American hegemonic decline, with global tensions rising as a result, the Defense Department focuses on transexual rights and the most pernicious progressive notions of diversity. Pride flags are routinely raised at the very places where only the U.S. flag should fly: our embassies. The State Department recently announced a new Chief of Diversity and Inclusion to take these harmless-sounding but divisive notions abroad, declaring that “prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility is also a national security imperative [emphasis added]”

Speaking of national security, the U.S. is in the middle of a military recruitment crisis. As a result, military standards have been lowered. Who would have thought that the Biden administration´s attempt to purge white male conservatives, an important base in our all-volunteer force, would drive young men away from military service? The woke elites running our Nation (into the ground) have alienated the families who give their sons and daughters to military service to placate the demands of those who do not.

The future does not bode well. Gallup had already noted the nation´s leftward shift on moral issues. Niall Ferguson in 2019 noted that our increasingly progressive youth will greatly shape our nation´s political future. Trust-fund activists will fuel the attacks on American capitalism. The upcoming recession will impact the values of the young, making them more inclined to favor the expansionist state, which has led the charge to destroy the social bonds that underpin the American republic.

All is not lost, yet. Some mainstream media outlets are being revamped due to their overt leftwing bias. Elon Musk´s attempt to buy Twitter caused it to temporarily moderate its leftwing censorship of conservatives. One million voters have recently switched to the Republican party, which has also made inroads among Hispanic voters. Mayra Flores´ victory in Texas calls into question the Democrats´ attempts to import new voters as they alienate the U.S.-born working class. More Americans now think gender is assigned by biology, and the Democrats´ defund the police movement has lost steam. All of this provides some evidence that Americans are rejecting the progressive nonsense that Democrats are trying to impose on our country.

On that good note, Happy July 4th!

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